FOODesign Machinery & Systems, Inc. is a United States based company that provides innovative solutions for your food processing needs.   A leading innovator in food processing equipment and solutions, FOODesign manufactures heavy-duty precision built cooking and processing machines that are affordably priced.

We welcome you to explore our company Website where you will find information on cooking/baking equipment, continuous fryers, batch fryers, heat exchangers, air impingement ovens, tortilla and tortilla chip ovens, meat and poultry cookers and other cooking equipment for roasting and branding products.  You will also find information on a line of cooling equipment including Cryo-Jet® cooling fans and cooling tunnels.

FOODesign’s Quik-Coat division provides innovative solutions with its complete seasoning and coating equipment line.  The Quik-Coat seasoning line includes coating/seasoning drums, dry ingredient dispensers, liquid/oil applicators, salting equipment and a wide range of topping units.  The Quik-Coat product line also offers coating equipment such as batter applicators, drum pre-dusters, breading units and batter mixers.

FOODesign also offers a complete line of bulk handling conveyors, distribution systems, and storage systems. PLC and touch screen based controls are offered for total integration and system control. 


FOODesign appoints new Sales Manager